Book Trailer: TEN by Gretchen McNeil

So, I’ve been pretty stoked to read TEN since I first heard of it earlier this year. It’s reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (also known as Ten Little Indians). For anyone unfamiliar with either story, lets compare and contrast:

And Then There Were None

  • 10 main adult characters
  • Stranded on an island for an elaborate, dinner party
  • Instructed to listen to a threatening recording accusing each guest of murder
  • Guests are picked off one by one

Now for Ten…:

  • 10 main teenage characters
  • Stranded on an island for a debaucherous house party
  • Stumble upon a DVD with a threatening message of vengeance
  • Guests are picked off one by one

Anywho… it made its way into my hands today, and I’m pretty stoked to read it. I’ve just started it and I have to say, I’m totally into it. So while I was exploring a little more about the book, I stumbled upon Gretchen McNeil’s blog and found the book trailer for Ten. It’s pretty creepy and, as you may know, I dig that stuff.

I’ll give you the full scoop when I finish it!