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Never had anyone to talk to about your latest read when you close the book? After the Last Page is a show for the reader that loves to discuss what they’ve read. Each week, Jackie reads a book of varying genres and discusses the book at length for listeners that might be reading along. With a brutally honest review and an in-depth analysis for each read on her TBR list, Jackie will walk you through what books are worth the hype and which ones aren’t.

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SUPRISE EPISODE! The Bodyguard by Katherine Center–Book Review AFTER THE LAST PAGE

In Katherine Center’s new release, The Bodyguard, Hannah Brooks meets Jack Stapleton, a household name actor who’s just moved into town. Hannah might look like a kindergarten teacher, but she’s far from it—she’s actually a Executive Protection Agent, aka bodyguard and Jack is her newest client. After her mom dies, her boyfriend/co-worker breaks up with her, and her best friend is found sleeping with said boyfriend/co-worker, Hannah is ready to jet off to literally anywhere else. When her boss gives her a new job protecting an A-list celebrity from a middle-aged corgi-breeding stalker in their hometown, she isn’t exactly thrilled–but, it’s just a few weeks and then she can jump onto the next plane to escape…right? Except, when Hannah meets Jack, she’s pleasantly surprised. He’s nothing like she expected and his only goal isn’t movies, but to stick around while his sick mom gets better. Hannah’s job is to protect the family (and Jack), but Jack doesn’t want to worry his mom, so they come up with a plan—Hannah will secretly be his bodyguard while pretending to be his girlfriend. The Bodyguard is an adorably romantic, laugh-out-loud funny comedy with perfect summer vibes.
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