15 Bookish Gifts I’d Actually Want


My birthday is next month and my family seems to think I’m hard to buy for–though, I can’t imagine why because I’d be perfectly happy with a gift card to a bookstore. But, even so, there’s tons of other items I definitely wouldn’t mind having, should someone gift them to me. Many of these “bookish gifts” are items that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself because *priorities* but I would absolutely love to receive them.

If you have someone in your life who loves to read, but you aren’t sure what books they’d like, here are a few bookish gifts they might ACTUALLY want. And, if all else fails, you can always give them the gift that keeps on giving: a gift card to their favorite book store.

A Tote Bag For All My Library Books

I’ve been eyeing up this really cute reusable Botanical Tote Bag that would be perfect for trips to the library. It’s subtle enough that it could be used for grocery runs or errands, but big enough that it could easily fit everything you need.

This particular bag is really highly rated and it can be customized with a different image if you have something specific in mind.

A Never-Ending Supply of Sticky Tabs

If your bookish friend or family member loves to annotate, this set of sticky tabs is perfect. It comes with 60 different colors for every genre, character, and plotline you could ever think of, and the set comes with 1200 stickers, so I doubt they’ll be running out anytime soon.

The cool thing about this set is that it also comes with these fancy little rulers, which fit nicely inside of a binder for those that like to keep TBR lists and/or book journals, too!

This Bluetooth Keyboard That Looks Like A Typewriter

One of my favorite finds lately is this bluetooth keyboard that looks like a typewriter! This one is so much more affordable that some of the other options on the market, and it comes in 10 different colors.

My laptop recently went ka-put (in the last few months) and I have had to rely on my ipad for many things. It’s not my favorite device for writing, but with a keyboard like this, the job certainly is much more practical. Plus, the fun design brightens my day!

This Stemless Wine Glass For Your Book-Binging

I recently just read a book in 24 hours and there was some serious book-binging happening. What’s my favorite thing to do while sitting on the couch with a good book? Sip my favorite wine.

This cute stemless glass is perfect for book lovers who enjoy the occasional glass of their favorite spirit while reading and it would make a great bookish gift, especially with a cute pair of comfy socks.

Every Book Lover Needs Cute Stationary

Most friends who read LOVE stationary. I’m not entirely sure why, but there’s something magical about a handwritten note.

This adorable notecard set looks just like a library card! It has a blank interior and would make a great bookish gift for someone who loves themed stationary.

An Adorable Bookish Gift Box

If you’re really not sure what bookish gifts the reader in your life might enjoy, I’d recommend this bookish gift box. This particular set comes with tea (and a mug!), a tote bag, some cozy themed socks, snacks, and even a few reading accessories.

I ALWAYS put together gift boxes and baskets myself for friends and family, but I’ve actually never received one. I think this is such a neat gift and it really just elevates your gift-giving game. Plus, if you know exactly what that person enjoys, you could even make up one of your own!

Pro tip–the dollar store is the perfect place to find tea, snacks, and cutesy odds and ends for gift boxes!

A Candle That Smells Like Books For Their Home Library

Book lovers LOVE sniffing books. Why? I’m not really sure, they just smell really fantastic. New books, really old books, even the books at the library. But, weirdly enough, after sitting on your home shelves for enough time, they lose that special touch. But, with this library book scented candle, you can re-create the smell of your favorite library from home.

This particular candle is handmade and it claims to smell like frankincense, cedarwood, and dusty pages. I’m here for it!

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Bookish Shirt

If you know what size shirt your friend or family member wears, this bookish graphic tee would be a perfect gift. I love all of the different colors it comes in–plus, it comes from the Amazon handmade section, which means you’re supporting a smaller business.

If you’d like to elevate this gift a bit, you can pick up some matching plaid PJ pants for your bestie’s next read-a-thon and secure everything with a unique ribbon!

A Purse That’s Actually Shaped Like A Book

I am LOVING the funky novelty purse trend that has been going around lately. One purse I’d absolutely love to own is one of these purses that are shaped like books. There are a ton of different pattern/color options and at 5 stars, these things are rated pretty highly for durability. Reviews say you can even fit a paperback in here! Talk about the aesthetic…

Their Very Own Little Free Library

One activity I’m obsessed with right now is little free library hunting! If you’re not familiar with little free libraries, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Many people put them outside of their homes to share books within their neighborhood. While some people get super creative with them, you don’t need to–the most important thing is having a safe, dry place for neighbors to access the books.

I am loving this easy assembly little free library that takes just minutes to set up! Ironically, with the price of wood these days, it would probably even be cheaper than trying to build your own.

This one is a bit on the higher-priced end, but it would make a seriously unique bookish gift that any reader would love.

A Fabric Book Cover To Hide The “Spice” In Their Romance Novel

I’m seeing a lot of these fabric paperback covers lately. I think readers like the anonymity of being able to read whatever they’d like without being questioned. Plus, if you are reading a book with a cover you really hate, it’s something that can be covered up. The fabric covers also protect the book from damage, which a lot of readers love. Best of all, they are inexpensive, which makes them great bookish gifts.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could also try sewing your own version of this cover with this easy tutorial.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Bookmarks

One of the easiest bookish gifts to give are bookmarks! Readers are always using random objects for bookmarks (because we’re constantly losing them). I LOVE these magnetic bookmarks that clip to a page. They are so easy to use and they come in a ton of different colors and patterns for a little more personality. Though, I really do like these classic ones from Amazon, I think they work great and they aren’t expensive for the great quality of this set.

The Book Pins With Little Disney Characters

It’s a universally known fact that books and Disney just go together. I love Disney-inspired items, and these book pins are actually made by loungefly, which is a Disney brand (so you know they’ve got to be good).

One thing I really love about these pins is the unique character choice. Each pin has a different character and none of the characters are the “main” characters in that movie, if you catch my drift. A real Disney fan will appreciate these obscure appearances from minor characters.

Plus, each pin comes in a “blind box,” meaning you don’t know which one you are going to get until you open it! What a fun surprise for the book lover in your life!

A Cozy Blanket To Curl Up With

I’m pretty sure every reader has at least one go-to cozy blanket that they can’t stand to be without. I absolutely love this soft knitted throw I ordered for my couch. I bought this to be decorative, but it’s actually SO soft and perfect for reading (it’s not heavy enough to fall asleep under, but keeps your legs covered!).

The nice thing about this blanket is that it stays soft after its been washed, and after a year of use, I haven’t noticed a single snag–even my dogs like it!

Give a friend this blanket, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be the new queen (or king) of bookish gifts for the year.

This Page Turner Device For E-Readers

If you know someone that uses an e-reader, this has GOT to be one of the coolest devices I’ve ever seen. Basically, it’s a bluetooth remote that you can use to turn the page on your kindle (or ipad, or nook, etc). The coolest thing about this is that you don’t even have to take your hand out from under the blankets! Stay cozy, use an e-reader holder, and just push the button when you’re ready to turn the page. Now THAT’s a bookish gift.

Plus, this device would also be great with individuals that struggle with their hands due to health conditions. While I haven’t tried this one myself, I think it would make reading a lot more accessible to a wider group of people.

If you still aren’t sure what to gift the reader in your life, the best gift of all is always a book! Check out my book reviews page for some of my favorite reads from this year and which books I’d recommend. And, if all else fails, there’s always a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

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