5 Bookish Date Ideas For Summer


One of my favorite parts about being single is all of the fun dates. No matter where you’re meeting people—dating apps, speed dating, or even work events, there’s nothing worse than a boring date. One of the best dates I’ve ever been on was when my partner created a scavenger hunt that led to a surprise at the end. While I would have preferred it wasn’t on the hottest day of the year, it was such a thoughtful gesture that has stuck with me for years. I’ve found it’s frequently dates like these that I remember, not the one-on-one awkward across-the- table dinner dates that so often are forgotten.

Whether you already have a beau, or you’re still looking, literature is a great way to incorporate creativity into your dates. Even if your date partner isn’t totally into books, there are some really great options that will create memories for a long time to come.

Without further ado, here are 5 creative, fun bookish date ideas for this summer!

#1: A Book Scavenger Hunt At Your Local Library

It’s no secret that summer can bring some killer heat waves, especially in the south. If you’re looking to beat the heat, try checking out your local library. Most towns that have a post office also have a public library. While some libraries are bigger than others, the added benefit is that most of them are air-conditioned!

If you’re not already using your local library (because there are so many great perks!!), one fun date option is to plan a book scavenger hunt with your date. Almost all libraries have an online catalog, where you can search for books that you’re looking for. Simply make a list of your book titles and call numbers and give the list to your partner! Then, you can put your library skills to the test and look for the books on each other’s list together to see who can find all the books the fastest! Check out some of the books to discuss with each other or leave them where they’re at for someone else to enjoy.

#2: Create Your Own “Story Walk”

I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard the term “story walk” before visiting Robert Frost’s house in New Hampshire. While on a vacation trip, we found the house by accident. While the house was interesting, the more exciting part of the tour was the nature walk behind the home. The path was quiet and easy, but there were bird houses, beautiful flowers, and tons of wildlife to look at. Best of all, each part of the path had a laminated sheet with one of Frost’s poems, or something he had written.

If you have a nature path locally, you can print out some of your favorite passages and leave them placed on the paths for others to enjoy. While deciding on the literature you’d like to include can be a fun date in itself, you can also walk the path with your partner, or you can even make a planned nature pathway of your own (that that might be even more than one date!).

If you need more suggestions on how to plan your own story walk, check out this link.

#3: Listen To An Audiobook Together

If your partner isn’t a big reader, that’s okay, too! One thing I always suggest to those that struggle with reading is an audiobook. Audiobooks are easily accessible on most devices and they are a great alternative to traditional reading.

Looking for a unique date? Plan a day trip and choose an audiobook to listen to together. When you reach your destination, you can discuss the book together during your adventure!

Need an example? Plan your audiobook around your date. If you’re going to a concert, try this book on Amazon--It’s a romance about a rock band in the 1970s and it’s free with an Amazon Audible subscription.

Is your trip a little shorter? Try a bookish podcast instead! There are so many great ones for free on iTunes or Spotify, including ours!

#4: A Chill Day By The Pool

One bookish date idea I’ve always loved is reading the same book at the same time as your partner (kind of like a personal book club!). Pick a novel you both agree on, and enjoy a summer date reading together! One great option is taking your books to the pool. Enjoy the summer sun at your own pool, or if you don’t have one, support your local community pool instead!

Bring your favorites snacks, your beach towels, and your books and plan to spend the date enjoying the sunny weather together. If you’re not sure which book to pick, check out this article on Shereads with some book club recommendations, or take a look at some of our previous reviews like this one on Remarkably Bright Things.

#5: Build a Little Free Library Together

If your partner isn’t much of a reader and doesn’t enjoy audiobooks, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something bookish together! If your date prefers more hands-on activities, try building a Little Free Library. If you’ve never heard of one of these, a Little Free Library is a free book exchange that is usually done out of a specially made case that the community can access. Many towns have them in central areas the public can access, but residents also create them and put them in their front yard to share books of their own with their neighbors.

If you don’t live in town, try making a Little Free Library for a local business or a local library! There are so many cool decorative options and going on a search for free books to fill the Little Free Library can be another date in the making!

Check out this creative post for more ideas and free building plans for your project.

No matter what summer activities you and your partner enjoy, there’s always room for creativity. Try some of these suggestions or create your own and share your experiences in the comments. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite bookish dates and memories with your beau.

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