Imma let you finish but… BEA2017 was one of the best of all time

*I originally posted a variation of this post on the Easton Area Public Library’s EAPLTeens blog. But I wanted to post it here too, mostly because I can elaborate more and use more colorful language if necessary. :-P

Ok, so I won’t do any hardcore bragging (not a lot, anyway), but there was a TON of fangirling about all the amazing authors and people we met at Book Expo.

On June 1, Ashley and I went to Book Expo America (BEA) in NYC. It’s a huge annual event where librarians, educators, and book bloggers meet up with publishers and authors and basically giggle and flail all day (that might just be the librarians, but whatevs.)

On the bus to NYC at 6:30am. We were excited, but SUPER sleep deprived.

We were prepared to load up on ARCs, publishers’ catalogs, and, of course, tote bags.

Oh, yea. And we also had Bingo cards, just in case we got bored while waiting in the lines.

We got to coss of “Someone is asleep” right away, because I totally passed out on the bus before we even got there.

Our first stop was Emmy Laybourne, author of the Monument 14 trilogy and Sweet. In a very exciting moment, we randomly bumped into her before the signing began. It went a little something like this:

Katie: (to seemingly random person) Excuse me, are you in line?
Seemingly Random Person: No, but I’ll be signing here in just a few minutes!
EL: Yes, I am!
Ashley: (wanders over from publisher’s booth) They didn’t have anything I was looking for.

(We definitely do not remain cool and collected when meeting our author heroes.)

The oh-so-wonderful Emmy Laybourne

Ashley I didn’t know what was more exciting: meeting her or getting advanced copies of her upcoming book Berserker (which is scheduled for released on October 10). She also gave us signed book plates to put in all her books at our library, which ohmygoodness, how sweet and awesome is she??!

Next was the booth giving away copies of Maggie Stiefvater’s All the Crooked Saints (also due to be released on October 10). We didn’t get to meet Maggie or bask in the presence of her awesomeness, but we got in a massively long line for an ARC drop and Ashley and I each scored a copy.

I stopped by the booth for Image Comics (you may or may not be aware of my undying love for Image) and freaked out over all the free issues they were giving away. Which reminds me, I have a lot of comic reviews to write…

We didn’t have any other signings until the afternoon, so we wandered a bit and hit up random booths.

There’s Dennis Leary sitting in the middle. So that happened.

People’s booth displays were ON POINT.

We got these awesome WOMEN OF ACTION banners to stick on our badges from Chicago Review Press. The rep we talked to was AWESOME.

Ashley and I both decided this was clearly made for us.

We had lunch, tallied up our Bingo cards (Ashley wiped the floor with me like, 3 times over), counted our tote bags (we each had about 10 for the morning), and examined our haul for the first half of the day.

Ashley’s sheet: Two bingos before noon.

My sheet: No bingos until 4:30.

Not a bad haul for the first half of the day.

There was a pigeon wandering around the convention center while we were eating lunch, which I found hilarious.

The highlight of my day was seeing ADAM SILVERA, author of More Happy Than Not and History is All You Left Me. I was determined to gush at him and get an advanced copy of They Both Die at the End (scheduled release date September 5). I got in line at noon for a 1:00 signing and the line was already at least 20 people deep.

By the time the signing started, the line had easily over 100 people. IT. WAS. BANANAS. Fortunately, not only did I get my advanced copy, I ALSO GOT A PICTURE WITH ADAM!!!

He was adorable and oh-so-sweet and I adore him and his books more than words can say.

I was really excited to grab SMASH by Sara Latta, too. A graphic novel about the Large Hadron Collider? YES, PLEASE!

From there, we got in line to see E. FREAKING LOCKHART, author of the critically acclaimed We Were Liars (and, of course, many others) and a hero among book heroes.

E. Lockhart in all her beautiful glory

Speaking of crazy lines, we had to get in line just to get a ticket to get in line. Seriously. There were DOZENS AND DOZENS of people waiting to see her and get her upcoming book, Genuine Fraud. We got our copies (and gushed at E. Lockhart, obvs.) so we walked away SUPER happy.

Ashley getting her copy of GENUINE FRAUD signed

We were also exhausted. And kind of in pain.

You’ve heard of Tennis Elbow? We call this “Tote Bag Shoulder”

On the bright side, we got lots of other books we were excited about too…

We had about four hours to kill for our bus (one of our bus-mates had tickets to see HRC’s talk for her new book), so we hunkered down and started reading.

As this picture was taken, Hillary Clinton was behind those very doors…

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the day’s haul.


We were so excited that we already got a few ARCs read and reviewed! Read our reviews (there are two because Ashley and I each did one) for Genuine Fraud and The Devils You Know! We’ll be adding more as we keep plowing through our piles!









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