Movie Monday! Lauren Kate’s FALLEN finally getting Big Screen Treatment




This is the best movie news since…well, since Twilight.  Lauren Kate’s amazing young adult series, FALLEN, is finally getting the Big Screen Treatment.

Well, sort of.

Hypable reported that Scott Hicks directed the best-selling series starring Addison Timlin as Luce, and Jeremy Irvine and Harrison Gilbertson.

Right now, the film is set to release in Singapore and Thailand in November.  Supposedly, the production company is hoping to get enough support for a US release.


You can watch the trailer here:

Personally, I’m hoping this is available in the US.  I would be okay with a straight-to-DVD-or-Digital release. (Netflix, I’m eyeing you!)

I loved Luce’s story.  I don’t think I read beyond book 2, Torment, but I loved Fallen.  I’ve had Unforgiven, Cam’s side of the story, on my shelf since its Book Birthday.  And after reading Oblivion (Obsidian from Daemon’s POV), I’m into the reverse narrative of my favorite YA books.

Needless to say, I’ll probably be picking up either Fallen or Unforgiven to read in preparation of the movie!

Who else is with me?  Who’s excited to see this?

If you haven’t read Fallen, yet you need to read it and then report back on your thoughts!

Pick it up via Amazon and support us!



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