Reblogged: The Most Addictive Books of the Last 25 Years!

I found this list from via Book Riot.  While this is extremely subjective — who can say that all of these books are addicting — but I wanted to show the ones I did agree with.

You can read the entire list here on

Ashley Agrees with These Picks

lovely_bones_coverAlice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones

I read this…oh, 10 years ago?  The heartbreaking thing is, I read it on the one-year anniversary of my Nana’s death.  At her gravesite.  So, the subject matter was just hard to deal with.  But the story is compelling and mixes in a little bit of literary fiction with mystery, without being TOO much mystery.  The true crime addict in me loved the “villain” of the tale.


41afp8yyb-l-_sx303_bo1204203200_Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

I will admit it — I haven’t read this yet.  And what’s holding me back is I pretty quickly guessed The Twist when I heard the main premise of the novel.  Although, working at the library, everyone that read it and brought it back said how good it was and that they couldn’t put it down.


the_fault_in_our_starsJohn Green’s The Fault in Our Stars

If you know me, you know how much I absolutely lovelovelove this book.  I don’t even know if I can properly explain why this is a purely addicting book, it just is.  Here’s the thing: I read it, and I teared up, but didn’t cry.  Then I listened to the audio book, and then I ugly sobbed in my car.

You can read my review from way-back-when here!


4667024Kathryn Stockett’s The Help

I listened to this book first, but when I hit the last disc, and it was a weekend and I wouldn’t be driving until the following week, I finished by reading the book because I couldn’t wait to see what happens.  I liked that it was told in alternate voices (there’s a total of four, I think), and how it shows multiple perspectives of the town and the story.  In my opinion, it really added a fuller understanding, not only to the plot, but to the setting and historical aspect, as well.


41zav4ncy0lTina Fey’s Bossypants

Again, I haven’t read this…yet.  But seeing as I’m a fan of ALL THINGS TINA FEY these days, how could I not include it on this list?  Let’s just say it’s on my summer TBR pile.

(Sidenote: I really dislike this cover, which is part of the reason I haven’t bought the book…)

Now, there were a few books on the list that I didn’t necessarily agree with — *coughFiftyShadesofGraycough* — and others that I read but didn’t find “addicting.”  What books on the list do you agree with?  Any you’d recommend to me and Katie?




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