Pretty Little Liars 6B, Shadowhunters, and Freeform (because apparently that’s a thing now)

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was stoked for last night’s season premiere of Pretty Little Liars and the Shadowhunters series premiere. They did not disappoint. Well, they kind of did. In some ways. But not really.

In addition to the shows’ premieres, last night was also the launch of Freeform (*moment of silence for ABC Family*), the new name for the re-branded network that is home to all our our favorite teen/YA dramas (and still wishes it was as good as the CW). In my opinion, I feel like naming it Freeform made some sense since they primarily market to teenagers and young adults, and feature characters doing what teenagers and young adults do (which, as we all know, usually isn’t family-friendly, AMIRITE?!)

The name “Freeform” is a lot less obnoxious than “becomers,” the network’s label for individuals in their target demographic (ages 14-34) who are on the journey to adulthood (or, as they put it, “from first kiss to first kid“). But who the hell wants to think about being an adult?! NOT THIS GIRL.

So let’s ignore all that adulting and talk about our favorite liars who, after the five year time jump are… now… adults. Damn it.



FYI – THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. If you haven’t watched the PLL 6B season premiere “Of Late I Think of Rosewood,” STOP NOW. Watch it. Watch it again. And then after you’ve watched it for the sixth third time, come back to this post. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

It will probably be easier if I just break it down into two categories… things I loved and things I hated.

Here’s what I LOVED about the premiere

1. Drunk Liars

Wine-drinking, martini-swilling, dehydrated, and hungover Liars was good clean fun. (They clearly take after their mothers.) Especially with the comic fodder of Radley Sanitarium becoming a hoity-toity hotel and lounge (the girls’ suggestions for Electroshock Margaritas, Manic Depressive Mai Tais, and Bipolar Martinis were spot on). Also, any scene in which Spencer drinks so much that she tells everyone she loves them is gold.

2. It’s nice to see everyone finally acting/looking more like their ages instead of high school students.

The liars were gallivanting around and getting into more tight spots at age 17 than most people do in their whole lives. Toby left public school, was homeschooled, and became a cop (WHAT?!) and Caleb became an “information systems analyst” for a major super-secret corporation before the ink was even dry on his high school diploma. I’m happy I don’t have to scream, “WTF NO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT DOES THAT” at the TV anymore.

3. Three words: Brotherhood of Ex-Boyfriends.

Enough said.

4. Five more: Coven of the Sacred Cocktails.

See above.

5. Both Toby AND Lorenzo in uniform.

You know what this means… MORE INCOMPETENT POLICE WORK TO COME! YAY!!!

And here are my problems with it…

1. There is no way Ali would be teaching high school students in the state of Pennsylvania only 5 years after “graduating” high school.

When you consider that she most likely didn’t complete two years of high school because she was MIA, will someone please tell me how she even had enough credits to graduate?! Then again, Rosewood in ridiculous in literally every aspect. I guess it makes sense that their teaching standards wouldn’t be any different.

2. There was no mention of how in the hell the wine moms got out of that basement from the 6A finale.

Fans loved the wine moms more than any other part of the finale, so WHY WAS THERE NO TALK OF THEM IN THE PREMIERE?! There also hasn’t been any talk of a wine moms spinoff show, and THAT, my friends, is absolutely unacceptable.

3. The absence of #Haleb.

I’m going to say right now, I don’t know who this “Jordan” fellow is or what he thinks he’s doing flashing fancy rings and proposing to Hanna, but I already don’t like him. Why don’t I like him? BECAUSE HE’S NOT CALEB AND NO ONE WILL EVER BE CALEB AND SOMEONE CLEARLY BEAT HANNA WITH A STUPID STICK. The world needs #Haleb and I still have hope for them. Caleb isn’t the boyfriend every girl deserves, but he’s the one we need.

4. Charlotte’s death

Charlotte was a horrible person. She kidnapped and tortured 7 high school seniors for fun. Because she “loved the game.” That’s pretty sick. But her life story is pretty tragic and messed up (Mr. D, you deserve every horrible thing you get in life) and I was honestly sorry to see Charlotte (and, more specifically, Vanessa Ray) go. Homegirl OWNED that part and I loved the way she played the role. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, I. Marlene King said we’ll still see her in flashbacks, but I still would’ve loved to see where else the “Charlotte: threAt  or hArmless?” storyline could have gone.

5. Sara Harvey is still around/alive.

I don’t know what misfortune befell Sara, but it sounds like it was pretty traumatic. But the truly sad part is that I genuinely don’t care. Her character had no point (especially as Emily’s short lived lover) and was just plain annoying even BEFORE we knew she was Charlotte’s partner in crime.

PLL “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” Official Rating:

All in all, I really liked the 6B premiere. The show finally felt fresh again with a new murder mystery, new bad guys (and girls), new lies, and new crazy outfits. I give it an 8.5/10.

If you want more PLL fun, check out Buzzfeed on Wednesday mornings after new episodes air. They do weekly posts for each new episode that basically say what we’re all thinking. Make sure you check out this week’s post: “229 Thoughts We Had During the PLL Season 6B Premiere”

And another bit of hilariousness I couldn’t resist sharing… “If Real Life Media Reported On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Storylines”


As for Shadowhunters, I had some ups and downs with the premiere, much like PLL.

I loved the casting choices. Like, I REALLY LOVED the casting choices. This cast just felt… right (unlike the cast of Mortal Instruments IMHO). I felt like these actors truly brought the book characters to life. And I just want to pinch Simon’s (played by Alberto Rosende) adorable cheeks because he is just the cutest freaking thing in the world.

And he apparently has a set of rock hard abs that Cassandra Clare failed to mention when introducing his character in City of Bones.

How can you not love this adorable piece of nerdiness?

How can you not love this adorable bit of nerdiness?

The one thing that tripped me up from giving the series premiere high marks is that it just seemed a bit… corny. It may have been the script, it may have been the acting, it may just be that it’s a series premiere and there are always some kinks to work through. Despite that, I couldn’t tear myself away and still found myself eager for the commercial break to be over.

Shadowhunters: “The Mortal Cup” Official Rating:

It’s hard to analyze a new show when you only have one episode to work with. But overall, I liked the show and think that with a little polishing it could (and hopefully will) be lots of fun. The pilot stayed fairly true to early chapters of City of Bones, which I respect in an adaptation. I give it a 7/10.

What did YOU think of last night’s premieres? Did you like the time jump or are you 1000%  done with PLL? Do you love Simon as much as I do?? I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks!


7 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars 6B, Shadowhunters, and Freeform (because apparently that’s a thing now)

  1. aimalfarooq says:

    HAHA, this is such a hilarious post. I agree with everything you said about both the shows. Is it just me or did you also feel something brewing between Spencer and Caleb? Like, please, can we not? Haleb is endgame – we all know it, we all want it. Also, you’re right about Sara. I just want PLL to get rid of her. She’s so boring, and she can’t act.

    As for Shadowhunters, you’re right. It felt cheesy to me too. I think that had a lot to do with the special effects and Dominic Sherwood’s acting, which I cannot get on board with. Really love Simon though. And Alec. They’re both just like they are in the books. :D

    • Katie Cardell says:

      I thought the same thing about Spencer and Caleb! I wondered if the purpose for that was solely to stir up some jealousy in Hanna. I mean, all the girls and guys were close but I don’t recall those two ever being THAT close. As for Sara, I’m guessing they left her in so you’ll suspect her of being in league with the new Uber A, but I still just want her GONE. Emily punching her out in the 6A finale was definitely one of my Top 5 Favorite Moments of that episode.

      I’m relieved you feel the same way about Shadowhunters (I thought I was the only one!) I’m hoping I can get past the cheesiness. I had such high hopes for it and was really excited to get into a new series. And I think you’re right… Dominic Sherwood as Jace left a bit to be desired. A more seasoned actor might have been a better choice. We should all get real… there is no human on earth that can embody the magical wonderfulness that is the character of Jace Wayland. ;)

  2. pennymiller70 says:

    Okay, I’m a HULU girl, not so much a network loyalist. So I watch (and look for) mostly paranormal and fantasy type shows. I discovered Shadowhunters last night and LOVED it! Having read the City of Bones (and its sequels) as well as the Clockwork books, I was really glad to see this program and then even happier that it stayed (mostly) true to the story. Looking forward to more episodes and hoping they deliver on the promise of keeping it ‘real’.

    • Katie Cardell says:

      Have you seen the Mortal Instruments movie? If so, I’d love to hear your take on the movie compared to the TV show. Like you, I also loved the show because it stayed so true to the story. I’m gonna stick with it and see how the next few episodes go. I have high hopes!! lol

      • pennymiller70 says:

        Yes, I saw the movie and I felt it was “rushed”. There was so much that they had to try and pack into 90 minutes there just wasn’t time to do the story justice. Mortal Instruments has some great characters that have layers that the movie didn’t have time to peel back and explore; Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane to name two. I’m hoping the series will give them the attention they deserve.

      • Katie Cardell says:

        That’s a great observation. The MI storyline throughout the book series was INTENSE and there’s so much material to work with, I think it lends itself much better to a TV series than a movie (or movie franchise).

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