Second Look: THE SCARLETS (An Asylum Novella) by Madeline Roux


Title: The Scarlets

Series: Asylum, 1.5

Author: Madeleine Roux

Genre: Horror, Teen Fiction

Synopsis: Taking place sometime before Sanctum, this novella focuses on Cal and how he became part of the Scarlets (appearing in Sanctum).  Told from Cal’s point-of-view, the reader gets to see how he experiences college and his relationship with his father, the Dean of the College.  It also gives the reader some background as to the Scarlets, the secret society that centers around Brookline, the ex-asylum.

Thoughts: I really liked it.  I’m obsessed with this series, so of course the e-book had to be read.  I liked that it wasn’t from Dan’s perspective, but Cal’s.  And it helped make Sanctum make more sense.  It’s a quick read, too.  I’d definitely recommend reading this before you read Sanctum (if you can).

And if you haven’t read Asylum yet, you better go pick it up RIGHT NOW.

Rating… 8/10 stars.


2 thoughts on “Second Look: THE SCARLETS (An Asylum Novella) by Madeline Roux

    • Ashley says:

      I think that was the original intention, as far as publishing. However, it’s more a prequel to the series. It does, however, make things in SANCTUM make more sense/more clear for the readers.

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