Between These Lines — Relaunch!

Hi, Everyone-

Sadly, the small press, YA PLAYLIST, is no more.  However, the wonderful authors that had books published through them have been lucky to find new homes for these great titles.  Jennifer Murgia’s contemporary BETWEEN THESE LINES is one of them!

With the relaunch comes a new cover, which I’m excited to share with you:


In case you’re unfamiliar with the book, here’s the summary:

Summary: When a Social Communications class assignment brings quiet Chase Mitman and popular Evie Cunningham together, it’s a real eye-opener. Haunted and damaged in their own way, they have only shown others what they want them to see–not that they each hold a terrible secret deep inside, or that they have more in common than they’d ever like anyone to realize.

But then it happens. The sweaty palms. The kiss. And something worse . . . and Chase is there to pick up the pieces.
Knowing their relationship comes at a price, Chase’s life collides with Evie’s in the most beautiful and tragic way, until the unthinkable happens. The party. An innocent prank turns ugly. An anonymous note changes everything. And lives at Whitley Prep will never be the same.

You can buy it via Amazon as an eBook only (for the time being).


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