Second Look: Lori A. May’s THE WRITE CROWD


Lori A. May’s THE WRITE CROWD is all about connecting writers and readers with their communities, both large and small. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing May talk about Literary Citizenship in person, and it’s inspiring, much like her book.

What It’s About:  THE WRITE CROWD is broken into 10 easy to follow chapters that include advice on how to get writers out of their dark rooms and bright screens and into the people who they need: the community.  Writers often forget that they need their readers.  What May has done with TWC is to give a multitude of ways to engage with the community around us, large and small.

May knows what she’s talking about, too.  When she made the international move from Canada to Detroit, she brought with her the start-up of the now popular POET’S QUARTERLY.

Thoughts:  This should definitely be required reading for writers, right next to Stephen King’s ON WRITING.  It’s not a textbook, and includes innumerable resources for writers to go to for examples.  Whether you’re thinking of starting your own book review blog, or a reading series, or a literary journal, May offers different ways of going about each of these things.  Interspersed are loads of quotes from those who have already implicated these things into their own lives.

The chapters are broken into their own topics, which makes it easy to read about one idea and move on.  While several ideas do overlap, it’s not necessary to track down ideas in other chapters.  So, if I wanted to share Chapter 8: Community Outreach with someone, I know the information they are reading sums up the ideas nicely.

What’s even better is May includes appendixes at the end of her book, which include book reviews and a list of resources.

Rating: 10/10 for all writers and avid readers who want to get more involved.

ETA:  2015 Reading Challenge



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