Second Look: ONE KICK by Chelsea Cain



Chelsea Cain, author of the best-selling ARCHIE & GRETCHEN series, is back with a brand new series featuring Kick Lannigan, the most famous abducted child in the United States.

Trigger Warning: The novel deals with child pornography and child abduction.

The Storyline: When she was 5 years old, Kit Lannigan was kidnapped by a child pornographer.  She’s rescued 6 years later by the FBI.  In the actual “meat” of the story, it’s 10 years later and Kick has trained herself to be on the defensive.  She’s capable in all sorts of weaponry and martial arts.  Kick has an obsession with looking for recently abducted children, along with her “brother,” James.

When John Bishop walks into her life (or rather, breaks into her apartment), he offers her the chance to bring an infamous, sadistic pedophile to justice.

Thoughts:  First off, I can’t get enough of Cain’s HEARTSICK books.  So when I had the chance to meet her at Book Expo this year, I was ecstatic.  I mean, seriously!  As much as I love Archie Sheridan, I’m glad to see Cain embarking on a new series.  And I absolutely love Kick.  And Bishop.  (I mean, holy hot mystery guy!)

The general idea of child pornography and pedophila makes me ill.  But Cain handles the topics with great care.  And I got so lost in the story itself that it was easy to forget the bad stuff.  It only really comes up as part of this particular plot line.  But, like HEARTSICK, if you can get passed the graphic violence, it is worth it.

Like: John Bishop.  I mean, talk about Tall, Dark, Handsome and Damaged.

Like: Kick is literally kick-ass.  I mean, she’s been through some shit and still has to work through issues, but she’s a fighter.  And as she says, she survives.  She fights through her trauma.

Like: The relationship between Kick and James.  It’s obvious how much they care about each other.  The truth behind their relationship comes out near the end of the novel, and it all makes sense.  However, it drives the plot nicely and helps bring everything together.  (Another aspect of great writing.)

Like:  Cain leaves a lot for the next novel.  It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger (well, it sort of doesn’t), but it gives you enough to scream and go I WANT MORE RIGHT NOW!

Like:  It’s just an amazing book.

There are absolutely no dislikes.  Not even the ick factor of the subject matter.

More, please!

Bonus:  Getting to meet Chelsea Cain at Book Expo.  She’s an awesome woman and I am awed by her.


Goodie Bag:

Cain weaved Scrabble into the book.  And at BEA, she handed out Scrabble tiles that were either pins or pendants.  I got two. :D

Rating:  11/10 stars!

Release Date: August 12, 2014 (I’ve already preordered my copy!)


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