Second Look: Historical Heartthrobs by Kelly Murphy


A perfect book for anyone vaguely interested in history — or definitely interested in heartthrobs — male and female — to give you knowledge for any trivia game!

Concise entries that cover only a 4-page spread including quotes and side notes give the reader just enough information to make them want to go read more than a Wikipedia page.


About the Book:  Murphy looks at 50 historical crushes in this short nonfiction book.  She offers great mini-historical biography lessons that are long enough to give you all the good information, but short enough that you don’t get bored and put it down.

The writing is fluid and hilarious — Murphy reminds me of myself as a writer.  She includes amazing puns and one-liners (example: “For a good time, call Ernest Hemingway.  Just don’t marry him” (p. 127).

I post-it noted several entries to read more about the person later, or at least jot the quote down.

LikeShe keeps it modern.  With the exception of Cleopatra, most of the crushes are at least discussed in History and English classes (sometimes science and Math, too!)

Like:  The pictures are great, but it’s not just about looks.  Intelligence is counted in the “hot meter” as well!

Like:  It’s a honestly good book.  I want Volume II!

Like:  She doesn’t discriminate based on ideologies or history’s view.

Overall Recommendation:  This book is great for any high school library (she does talk about sex lives), and it will definitely help get teens interested in history.

Rating:  9/10

Goodie Bag

Here’s a little preview of the spread for the entries, which I think totally sells the book itself:

Historical Heartthrobs_Zest Books_Albert Camus



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