Second Look: TORN FROM YOU by Nashoda Rose

Warning!  This book is very dark.  It contains graphic scenes concerning sex trafficking, rape, and general abuse.  Not for the faint of heart.

18068029Title:  Torn from You
Author:  Nashoda Rose
Series: Tear Asunder (Book #1)
Genre: New Adult, Dark Romance

Synopsis:  Torn from You picks up two days after Emily is kidnapped from Avalanche (With You).  She’s being held in a basement until someone comes to take her.  There, she finds Sculpt is in the room.  However, he does nothing to save her from the beatings she’s given.  The novel progresses to Sculpt taking Emily across the United States to Mexico, where they stay at his father’s compound.  There, Emily learns that she’s to be trained as a sex slave and sold.  Sculpt will be fighting for Raul.  The first 30% of the book takes place in Mexico with Emily fearing for her life, but also finding herself still in love with Sculpt.  (SPOILER WARNING) Sculpt helps her escape, but goes back to the compound.

The plot skips ahead 2 years, where Emily has finally begun to heal from her time in Mexico.  Sculpt returns to the city, but she wants nothing to do with him.  It takes some time, but she finally learns what he did and why he didn’t save her sooner.  They begin to (both) heal and move their relationship forward.

Just a note: Their relationship is very Dominant/submissive.  While there isn’t anything on par with 50 Shades of Grey, it’s part of the storyline and the basis for Emily’s and Sculpt’s relationship.

Thoughts:  I liked it, which makes me wonder what that says about me. :P  Rose is an excellent writer.  It’s hard not to get sucked into the world she’s created.  At the same time, the first part of the novel was really hard to get through.  There were several times when I wondered, “Why am I reading this?”  But I had to keep going – I had to know if there was a Happily Ever After (and there was!), which did make it worth it.  I loved the dynamic of Emily’s relationship with Sculpt, post-Mexico.  Although, I do wish we would’ve gotten more information about what happened to him in the six months he was there after Emily’s escape.

Truthfully, I read the novel in 6 hours.  I couldn’t put it down.  Again, I attribute this to the fabulous writing, but the story was decent, as well.  I’d recommend this to those who can stomach the D/s relationship (if you liked 50 Shades, per say).  But it does have dark content, so it’s not going to make you feel heart-fluttery the entire time.

I’ll be looking for the next novel in the Tear Asunder series, as well as anything else Rose writes.

Rating… 7/10 stars


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