Second Look: Hereafter (Shadowlands #2) by Kate Brian

hereafterThe second book in Kate Brian’s SHADOWLANDS series – read and reviewed for you months before it’s available to purchase!  Get ready to pre-order your copy now because you’re not going to want to put it down. Warning!  There will be spoilers for SHADOWLANDS.

Read the review for SHADOWLANDS if you haven’t already!

Title:  Hereafter
Series:  Shadowlands, #2
Author: Kate Brian
Genre: Supernatural
Age: 14+

The Story
Picking up within hours after SHADOWLANDS finishes, Brian continues Rory’s story.  Rory’s barely been able to register that she and her family are really dead.  But then Tristan and the gang tell her something else.  She’s a Lifer.  She’s never going to get off the island and go to wherever she’s supposed to be – The Light or the Shadowlands.  It takes Rory a while to deal with this fact.  After all, it’s a BIG deal.  And what’s more – she’s not sure if her father and sister are going to become Lifers, either.  And the last thing she wants is to lose more members of her family.  But being a Lifer also explains why Rory can remember people her sister can’t.  (Remember Olive from the first book?)

However, Brian adds more twists.  Now that Stephen Nell has been relegated to the Shadowlands, Rory should have time to adjust to her new “life.”  But something bad is happening on Juniper Landing.  Birds are dying.  Flowers are wilting.  Bugs are buzzing.  A lot of people think that Rory’s responsible for what’s been happening because it started when she first appeared.  With an unlikely ally, Rory must prove her innocence and save people from being sent to the Shadowlands instead of the Light.

Brian adds small snippets to this that are told in someone else’s POV.  (Still first person, but we don’t know WHO this person is.)  These sections are by the person(s) responsible for what’s going wrong on Juniper Landing.  It adds to the story and gives it a little more understanding, which is nice.  Throughout, I kept changing my mind about who it was who was doing this — I’ll tell you, I never expected it to be who it turned out to be.  Whoa!

In classic love-triangle format, there’s less Tristan in this novel and a little more Joaquin.  NOT saying that he’s making a move on Rory – because she’s all about Tristan.  But there’s the beginnings of something there.  Something, which Darcy doesn’t like. Even though she’s been spending a lot of time with Fisher, she doesn’t want her sister stealing another boyfriend.  This adds tension to Rory’s relationship with Darcy, which is important because Rory’s never sure when her sister is going to be able to “move on.”

In general, it was a quick read.  If I didn’t have to put it down to do other things, I would’ve devoured this in a day or two.  Brian’s writing is fluid and it’s easy to get lost in the story, which is definitely a plus for me as a reader.

One thing I will warn you about — it ends on a major cliffhanger.  So much so that I was scouring the internet for a book title/release date for the third book.  Which I couldn’t find anywhere.  Not even on Goodreads!  So, be prepared for that.

If you liked Shadowlands, I’d definitely recommend picking up this one.  While I thought the first book was complete by itself (without need of a sequel), I think this does a nice job of continuing the story, but adding more depth to the world that’s created.  However, I might have to stop reading about book three if she continues.  I mean, how much can you do on an island for the dead?  (OK- don’t answer that.)

Rating… 8/10  (I’ll definitely buy this for the library shelves.)

Release Date… October 1, 2013.  (Only a few months, right?)


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