Second Look: SHADES OF EARTH by Beth Revis

In Across the Universe, Amy was violently awakened after being cryogenically frozen aboard Godspeed, a spaceship traveling millions of light years from Earth to a newly discovered inhabitable planet. In A Million Suns, Amy and Elder join forces to find out who has been sabotaging their mission to Centauri-Earth and discover an unimaginable secret just outside the spaceship’s door. So what did I think of Shades of Earth, the finale to the Across the Universe trilogy? MIND BLOWING.

Shades of EarthStory: Amy and Elder are finally free of the spaceship Godspeed and have made their way to their new home on Centauri-Earth. As they start to make this new Earth their new home, they encounter some new things they weren’t expecting, including plant life that temporarily paralyzes you and pterodactyl-like creatures that attack on sight.  Weirdest of all are structures that seem to have been built for humans… by humans. Which is odd since the passengers of Godspeed are supposed to be the first humans inhabiting the planet.

The Low Down: I cannot say enough good things about Shades of Earth, and, in my humble opinion, this was the best installment in the trilogy. The world Revis created on Centauri-Earth is familiar enough to make us feel at home right along with the passengers of Godspeed, but had enough twists to make us feel just as uneasy as the characters. This genre-blending story is remarkably well-paced, and balances suspense, intrigue, and adventure with a fantastic sci-fi mystery.

After impatiently waiting to see her parents, Amy is finally reunited with her mom and dad. But now that her dad is the commanding officer of the mission, she finds herself at odds since all the “frozens” from Earth have been defrosted from their cryogenic chambers. There is an underlying conflict between the Shipborns (passengers born aboard Godspeed) and the Earthborns (frozen passengers who were brought to Centauri-Earth) that ultimately helps shape both Amy and Elder’s characters. And speaking of Elder, his and Amy’s relationship develops quite nicely in Shades of Earth, as well. Though the two trust and rely heavily on each other, they still maintain their independence, which is refreshing in a world filled with book characters who are unable to function without their betrothed by their sides.

Extra Goodies:

  • A kick-ass heroine: Amy had a knack for being strong willed and a bit headstrong throughout the series. But let me say that homegirl BROUGHT. IT. when it counted, and her behavior in the book’s conclusion might be enough to put her in my Top 5 Kick Ass Characters of All Time (yes, I really do keep the aforementioned list). She completely blew me away. 

The Bottom Line: Shades of Earth will definitely go down as one of my absolute favorites for 2013. Though the technical and scientific language may give some readers a hard time, it’s a fun ride even if you don’t understand all the tech talk. The intense twists and turns left me furiously turning pages to find out what would happen next, which led me to a brilliant and unexpected conclusion. In a nutshell, this book is amazing… go read it now.



4 thoughts on “Second Look: SHADES OF EARTH by Beth Revis

  1. Tiggy says:

    I love your review! I cannot wait to get my hands on the last book of this series. I have been a huge fan for a while and am so excited to see how this story ends :)

  2. Redhead says:

    I read a ton of reviews for the first one, and thought “ok, this sounds interesting”, but as I’ve been reading more and more about the 2nd and 3rd books, i’m now thinking “I gotta read these, like, NOW”!

    • Katie says:

      You definitely should! But you have to be patient with it. I recommended the series to a coworker, and she said she had a really hard time getting into them. As much as I loved the first one at the start of the series, I realized that the first was probably my least favorite of the trilogy. Each book just gets better and better, but the third one was by far my favorite compared to the other two. I hope you enjoy them!

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