Cover Conspiracy!

Ok. So there’s not really a “conspiracy”. But I definitely call “CHEATER, CHEATER, PUMPKIN EATER!” Maybe we should start a new feature called “Cover Rip-Offs” on AtLP. Sheesh.

I do not hold this in any way against the authors of these books, as they don’t usually have a say in what the covers of their books look like. Jeanette Battista and Lauren Kate, you’re off the hook. However, the publishers of these books? You have some explaining to do.

Leopard Moon by Jeanette BattistaFallen by Lauren Kate

I know it has more to do with credits and photo rights and copyrights and all those things. If the original photograph featuring that model is sold to another publisher, they have rights to it, so on and so forth. Whatevs.

It also could be a marketing strategy to lure in readers because the cover image reminds them of a popular, well-received series. It certainly caught my attention when I saw it and recognized the girl from the Fallen cover.  If it works, than I guess it’s a smart move on the part of publishing houses.

But all it does for me is piss me off. Would it kill publishers to be a little more original?? 


2 thoughts on “Cover Conspiracy!

  1. Jesse @ Pretty in Fiction says:

    I think you should totally start this as a feature. I’ve seen so many “stolen” covers and it really does piss me off, even if I know it shouldn’t. The biggest offenders are all those covers that have Pepe and Sztella (the Obsidian models) on them. I know they are on tons of books and what not (I’ve even seen them on the Netflix and other websites) but still. Every time I see them on a book that’s not in the Lux series I get a little mad.

    • Katie says:

      I think maybe I will start that feature… it’s frustrating isn’t it?! I remember a few years ago when I saw three different covers with the same picture of a faceless girl in a catholic school uniform laying down on a bench. Come on, people (meaning: publishers)… you can’t think of anything else to set your books apart from others?! I’ll have to uncover those (no pun intended) for the next Cover Conspiracy.

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