Guest Blogger: Jessica F reads ELIZA’S JOURNAL

One of our teen guest bloggers, Jessica F., read ELIZA’S JOURNAL by Caelyn AB Williams.  Here’s her review:


EJ_preview_coverTitle: Eliza`s Journal

Author: Caelyn AB Williams

Age: Middle School, Earlier Young Adult

Summary:   Fifteen year old Eliza Wolcott is shipped off to Orcas Island to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle while her parents are in Florida. Forced by her uncle to get a job (so much for fun in the summer sun), she begins drawing fossils for Mr. Tanner and his grandson.  As Eliza draws and catalogues the fossils, she comes to the conclusion that something odd is going on in the Tanner house.   Determined to get to the bottom of things, the summer turns out to be a lot more interesting that Eliza expected.

Thoughts:   Eliza’s Journal was just that, a journal.  On the plus side, this format made it a quick read.  I, however, felt as if chunks of time were missing as Eliza recorded her time on the island. This book started off a little slow, but as soon as Eliza began to expect strange things were happening, I couldn’t put it down.  I love mysteries of any kind! 

Reading through some parts of Eliza’s journal made me feel as though I was in science class. (Please note: This is NOT a bad thing!) The author included a geologic timeline, drawings, and lots of information on fossils.  Overall I enjoyed Eliza’s journal; I recommend it for tweens and early teens who love mystery, science, and a little romance.

Rating: 7/10 – This book made a decent impression on me.


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