Second Look: Shadowlands by Kate Brian

Title: Shadowlands

Author: Kate Brian

Publish Date: January 8, 2012 (Amazon | BN)

Age: Young Adult, 12+

Genre: Realistic Fiction with a Twist of Paranormal

The Down Low

Rory Miller is targeted by a serial killer as his 14th victim.  She manages to escape.  However, when the FBI become involved in the manhunt for Steven Nell, Rory and her older sister, Darcy, and her father have to leave their home in Princeton, New Jersey and head to Juniper Landing, North Carolina.  The peaceful vacation spot seems to be the perfect place to hide from a serial killer.  But what happens when Rory suspects that Nell has followed her to Juniper Landing?  And that he’s after her entire family?


I’ll try not to be too spoilery since this doesn’t come out until January.

It was an easy read.  Brian’s prose is engaging and flows well.  I was caught up in the story immediately, especially when Rory escapes Steven Nell’s murderous hands only to be “rescued” by her crush (and her sister’s ex-boyfriend), Christopher.  While I was hoping for a repeat visit from Christopher, he doesn’t show up after the first few chapters in the book.  But that’s OK because there’s even more eye candy to lust over.  Sexy Tristian and Sexier Joaquin at Juniper Landing.  But Rory isn’t so easily pulled into their looks.  (Darcy, however, is – with Joaquin.)

Once the Miller family lands on Juniper Landing, there are strange things that don’t quite make sense.  Since the novel is told in first person, the reader only understands things as Rory feels/experiences them.  But Brian does a really good job of keeping the reader engaged and curious about what’s REALLY going on in Juniper Landing.  I kept trying to think what kind of “paranormal” beings Tristian and company were, but I was totally floored by the reveal!  (I kept thinking there’d be a sequel, but the book ends with definite finality.)

The ending did leave me with a few questions – which I won’t share here.  While Brian does a good job of making the reader understand exactly what happened and ends the book completely, I was left wondering “When did that happen..?”  Perhaps I read it too fast.  But it is a book I’d go back and read again.  I’m sure I missed a lot of things in my initial reading.

I’d definitely recommend this for purchase the library upon its release.  It was a great young adult book, and my first Kate Brian experience!

Rating… 8/10 stars.


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