The Perks of Being a Wallflower: THE MOVIE!

After all the hype about this movie (or actually the lack thereof… I hate you, people who refuse to promote brilliant but low-budget movies!), there was no way I was waiting for the DVD release.

I was one of four people in the theater, which was kind of awesome. Kind of like having my own private showing, ya know? However. One of the fellow theatergoers decided to sit one row in front of and one seat away from me. Which didn’t really bother me until the tears (read: choking sobs) started to flow…

The movie itself is a direct take on the book. There’s not much creative interpretation (THANK GOD!) between the book and the movie, which is most likely the result of Stephen Chbosky himself writing and directing it. A few scenes from the book were edited or removed completely due to time or just because they were unnecessary for the overall film, but the movie as a whole still gives you the same warm and fuzzy feeling as the book.

Forgetting about Stephen Chbosky’s directorial skills for a second, whoever selected the cast for Perks gets mad props. I can’t really see any way in which this could have been cast any better. Logan Lerman plays loveable but naive Charlie incredibly well and really makes the character come to life. Emma Watson is definitely not what I pictured when I read about Sam, but, like Lerman, she carries her role perfectly in her first major post-Harry Potter venture. She’s definitely transcended her Hermione Granger persona, and is truly a remarkably well-rounded actress.

I’ve heard a lot of opinions about how Ezra Miller is the true shining star of this film, and, to be quite honest, I had never seen him in anything else (I hadn’t even heard of him before Perks. My bad…). I really had no idea what to expect, nor did I have anything to compare him to. But I will tell you this: this kid is a GEM. He brought out every aspect of Patrick that needed to be seen to understand the character. He portrays Patrick at his highest highs and lowest lows, and elicits feelings for the character that I didn’t feel when reading the book. I felt like I got to see a whole different side of the same character.

Now. Are you going to go see it? Yes, you are (I’m telling you… YOU ARE). Should you bring tissues. YES. You should. I was openly weeping within the first 10 minutes, and slowly progressed to hysterical sobbing by the end. It should be noted that Perks is not a sad movie. But it is very moving and emotional, especially if you’ve read the book and know what to expect and already have a grasp of the overall tone of the story.

So go see it. Right now. Bring some Kleenex, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Charlie. And then try not to cry whenever you hear “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons… I dare you.

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And here is the trailer for your enjoyment. If you tear up a bit, don’t be ashamed. We’re non-judgemental. This is a safe space.


2 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Wallflower: THE MOVIE!

    • Katarina Karenina says:

      That stinks! I hate this whole “limited release” thing. For a movie based on what is considered to be a modern classic, you’d think they would have made it slightly more accessible. I was lucky enough to be able to see it, but even so it was still a half hour drive for me.

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