Consider the hatches battened.

FYI to all our loyal followers:

The gigantic force that is Hurricane Sandy (a.k.a. “Frankenstorm”) is about to open up a can of whoop ass on my and Ashley’s little neck of the woods. We’re about to get BATTERED (’s words, not mine) with a near direct hit.

Ok, so we’re a bit too inland to be receiving a “direct” hit, but we’re being told to prepare for severe flooding, damaging winds with gusts up to 60mph, and prolonged power outages as a result of the storm.

Needless to say, if we’re MIA for awhile, don’t be surprised. I’d love to report from the trenches, but since not having power (and, therefore, no internet access) is likely, I’m not sure that’ll be possible.

Seems like the perfect time to hunker down with a few good books! I’ve got Psych Major Syndrome (which I’m halfway through), The Evolution of Mara Dyer, and Lemony Snicket’s new book, Who Could That Be at This Hour? I might grab another one or two at work on Monday. Ya know… because 3 books probably won’t might not be enough.

To any other folks in the New England area that are going to get beaten down by the storm, everyone stay safe! For those of you who won’t be affected by the storm, send all of us good vibes!


4 thoughts on “Consider the hatches battened.

  1. Kernel's Corner says:

    Take care and keep the books dry. We were once flooded (an all-time high in our history) and I was just devastated when some of my books were ruined. Prepare a stack of emergency supplies and first aid kit, if necessary.

    • Katarina Karenina says:

      Fortunately, I live far enough away from any major bodies of water that I don’t have to worry about major flooding. The Delaware River runs through town 6 blocks from where I work, though, and could see historic flood levels. I’ve got all my supplies, and am about as prepared as can be (provided I can get to work in one piece through these ridiculous wind gusts).

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