Look what I found! BEING ZAK BAGANS eBook

I was on Amazon looking for Nick Groff’s album, when I stumbled across this eBook:

Ghost Adventurer Zak Bagans is his hero. Demon hunter, TV star, cool muscle man. Zak is everything Hunter wants to be.

So when Hunter discovers an old, haunted silver mine in a nearby town, he packs up his gear and talks his best friend Blake into coming along for a ghost investigation. It’s a chance to speak to spirits, battle ghouls, and conquer evil. Plus, if they’re lucky and catch something on tape, they’ll be able to put it on YouTube and launch their own show.

But the Hell they unearth doesn’t care about any of that. It’s just happy that they’ve come for a visit. It’s been waiting.

“Being Zak Bagans” is the new book from the terrifying WELCOME TO HELL series. Also includes a free sample of “Kissed by a Clown,” a mad, unforgettable ride through a funhouse of unspeakable horror.

WARNING: this book is not for wimps, the squeamish, or those prone to nightmares.

Needless to say, I’m going to have to charge up my Kindle so I can read this!  Any other Ghost Adventures fans out there?


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