We have a winner! Finnick Odair cast for Catching Fire!

I’m sure there’s lots of speculation over who will play the role of beloved Catching Fire/Mockingjay character, Finnick Odair.

First of all, let us all take moment to giggle at THIS:

Courtesy of my Pinterest addiction (My apologies to the original blog poster. I was unable to find the original source.)

Secondly, Grant Austin of Glee” auditioned for the role of Finnick and had great interest in the role. However, it seems like the odds were in Sam Claflin’s favor, as he has been confirmed to play our second-favorite HG rebel. Claflin can be seen alongside KStewart and Liam Hemsworth’s (Gale) big bro, Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsmen. Rumor has it that RPattz, Taylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer, Trevor Donovan, and Garrett Hedlund were also considered for the role early on. Ultimately, Claflin was deemed the prime choice.

In other Catching Fire casting news, Jena Malone, Melissa Leo, Amanda Plummer, and Tony Shaloub have also reportedly signed on as Johanna, Mags, Wiress, Beetee (respectively). As is everyone else, I’m on pins and needles wondering who will play Annie, Finnick’s special lady friend. We may have to wait until Mockingjay to get that news though, as she would have somewhat of a small role in Catching Fire and is not really a dominant character… yet.

Jena Malone as Johanna

Melissa Leo as Mags

Amanda Plummer as Wiress

Tony Shalhoub as Beetee

And, sadly, most of us know by know that Gary Ross will not be returning to direct Catching Fire. Francis Lawrence has stepped up, but unfortunately will not be able to see the franchise through to the end. Parts 1 and 2 of Mockingjay are expected to have release dates of November 2014 and 2015, and Lawrence is unable to commit to the films. Both parts of the finale will shoot back-to-back (a la Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3) and the studio is already searching for a director for the final two films.

That’s all the Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay news I’ve got for now! Do what you will with it. And then ogle the Finnick casting call picture. Again.


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