Second Look: True Blood Volume 3: The French Quarter (Graphic Novel)

Generally, I don’t review graphic novels because I love them all so much.  And lately, I’ve been picking up single issue comics more than anything else.  But this was almost so terrible, it deserves a review.

Title: The French Quarter
Series: True Blood, Volume 3
Written By:  Mariah Huehner and David Tischman
Publication Date: 2012

Someone’s staking vampires who are inflicted with the Hep-D virus.  When a Fangtasia matchbook is found at one the crime scenes, Eric knows its personal.  He takes Bill and Sookie to New Orleans to find the killer.

Until their eventual meeting with the killer, Eric thinks that it’s someone from his past – someone he thought he and Godric killed.

SPOILER ALERT!  It’s not Eric that the vampire is after…

Katie can attest to the fact that I love all things True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse.  Really, there can be no wrong done in my eyes.  Between Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball, the series has really taken off – in both mediums.  And I loved the first two volumes of the True Blood graphic novels (All Together Now; Tainted Love).  But this one…I just don’t know.

The art is a little terrible.  With the first two volumes, it’s easy to tell who’s who.  While it’s hard to caricature real people, the artists did a pretty good job.  You weren’t squinting and wondering who was talking to whom.  But in THE FRENCH QUARTER, it was rare that the characters looked like the actors who portray them.  In fact, sometimes the art isn’t even fluid at all from one issue to another.  Eric looks…bad.  And Eric NEVER looks bad.

The storyline was good.  That’s about it.  The dialogue is pretty horrible.  While the writers tried to keep with the same sense of how Sookie would talk to Eric and Bill, it falls flat a lot of time.  Now, I’ll admit, there were a few parts where I laughed out loud.  But most of the time I was going, “WTF?”  It just didn’t flow right for me.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend buying it unless you’re an absolute die-hard like me.  Read it in the store.  I’m sad I bought it at list price at BN instead of getting it cheaper on Amazon.

So disappointing!

Rating… 4/10


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