Second Look: Linda Fairstein’s NIGHT WATCH: An Alexandra Cooper Novel

I was lucky enough to get a SIGNED FIRST EDITION at BEA.  I was just hoping for an ARC because the book doesn’t actually come out until July 10th!

Needless to say- Linda Fairstein’s Alexandra Cooper novels get better with each new release.

Title: Night Watch
Author: Linda Fairstein
Series: Alexandra Cooper, #14 (Yes, I’ve read all of them!)
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Age: Adult

I’ll be honest, the plot is a little hard to explain.  It starts out with Alex in France, visiting her lover, Luc.  The mystery starts immediately with a pile of bones in front of Luc’s villa and then a dead woman who used to work for him in a lake.  When there’s a high profile rape case, Alex is called back to New York to help prosecute.  However, soon there’s a murder that matches the murder of Lisette (the French girl who was found dead in the lake) that connects Luc and his new NYC restaurant to both murders!  Alex has her hands full with trying to figure out if Luc’s involved (she believes he’s innocent) and getting her witness to tell the truth about her past, which calls into question if she was actually raped by the high-profile suspect (who’s name is French and I won’t even try to retype).

As always – the plots all come together to form one large, overall plot (mostly) at the end of the novel.

Like I said earlier, with each new Alex Cooper novel, Fairstein’s work just gets better.  The characters are so well-defined now and the writing and plots are tighter.  It’s not hard to sit down and get lost in these books!

The mysteries work well together.  Though, I was slightly confused at times on how everything worked together.  There may have been a bit too much going on, as far as all the separate threads to the main storyline.  This also might just be because Fairstein was trying something new with not having Alex actually “on the case.”  It does work out, but even at the end I was a little unsure if both major story arcs were overlapping.  HOWEVER, this doesn’t take away from the story at all.  It’s still highly entertaining and engrossing.  A great read all around!  I wait for the next book!  (And keep my fingers crossed for an Alex/Mike ‘ship!)

A good summer/beach read, definitely.  Although it’s a good curl-up-by-the-fire read in the winter, too.  But you will need to stay focused to keep things together, so not something to read if you’re in a place that’s distracting.

Rating… 8/10 stars.


4 thoughts on “Second Look: Linda Fairstein’s NIGHT WATCH: An Alexandra Cooper Novel

  1. utenzi says:

    I enjoyed the book as well but was a mite bothered with how Fairstein dropped the rape investigation after the shooting. To me, it seemed like the book was setting up a situation in which the apparent victim would end up becoming the criminal—but that never materialized.

    • Ashley says:

      You know, you’re right. I forgot about that. It’s almost like that thread kind of disappeared in leiu of Luc’s storyline and the drugs.

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