HEARTSICK coming to FX!

From Chelsea Cain’s website:

Start making room on your DVRs — FX is developing Heartsick for television.  I am over the moon about this.  FX makes some awesome TV.  Justified.  American Horror Story.  Sons of Anarchy.  These people clearly buy fake blood in bulk and know how to use it.  The plan is for Heartsick to be season one, season two would be Sweetheart, etc.  They would be short seasons, like 13 episodes.  Mikko Alanne is adapting.  He’s terrific.  Trust me, he knows the characters as well as I do, and he’s a true fan of the books.  So I’m thrilled!  We’ll see if it gets carried all the way to fruition.  They still have to make the pilot, and then pick up the pilot.  (Details!) But it’s a great team and I think they’re going to pull it off.  You know, there have been various movie deals for the property over the years, non of which have made it past script development.  But I’ve always thought it would make a better TV show because it allows more (and slower) development of characters and plot.  Plus, it would give me an excuse to watch more TV, so there’s that.  Will I be able to write off my cable bill now?

I am ecstatic!  I love the series to death and I think it would be an awesome short season TV show.  Whee!


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