Input Help!

Hey ya’ll-

I always seem to have my reviews say different things.  What do you want to know when you read reviews?  What information about the book is most important to you?

Thanks! -A.


2 thoughts on “Input Help!

  1. Ro says:

    I want to know whether it made sense, if the writing was true characters the author created, and if the characters were well developed. Are there plot problems (or more ‘twists’ than a reader can follow) does it move too slowly, or jump around too much. Mostly, does it flow, and make you anxious for the next page, the next chapter….But that’s just me :)

  2. nina fang says:

    I’m good with anything, as long as the review is informative and well, reflects the reviewers opinion of the book, and why they did and didn’t like it. :)

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