Book Expo America = FANGIRL CRAZINESS!

There are officially 37 days until Book Expo America takes over the Javits Convention Center in New York City! *SQUEAL!*

Ashley and Batman, BEA 2011

“What is Book Expo America?” you may be asking. For those of you who don’t know, BEA is an annual event held by the publishing world in which they herd hundreds of authors in a convention center-sized space, and attendees are expected not to go apeshit when the aforementioned authors start giving away free signed books. Or maybe that’s just my interpretation of it…

Ok, only part of that was an exaggeration. BEA really is an annual convention, and hosts hundreds of authors, publishers, exhibits, and conferences. It’s a huge opportunity for authors and publishers to get their books into the hands of librarians, teachers/educators, and bloggers.

Ice-T and Coco, BEA 2011

And have I mentioned the books are free? They do ask for a small donation of $1 per autographed book, which I feel is totally reasonable considering I’m getting the opportunity to meet some of my favorite people on the planet. I’ve been known to come home with multiple tote bags (which are also given away for free) stuffed to the brim with autographed books, bookmarks, postcards, pens, catalogs, and even a t-shirt or two.

So now you may be asking why I’m talking about this now when Ashley and I have a whole 37 days yet to go. The answer? The list of attending authors has been (FINALLY!) listed on BEA’s website, and that list includes a fabulous roster of YA authors.

Here’s who Ash and I are aiming to see when we take on NYC in June (in no particular order):

Maureen Johnson
(signing The Name of the Star)

John Green
(signing An Abundance of Katherines and The Fault in our Stars)

Gretchen McNeil
(signing Ten)

Lauren Oliver
(signing The Spindlers)

Courtney Allison Moulton
(signing Wings of the Wicked)

Kady Cross
(signing Girl in the Clockwork Collar)

Julie Kagawa
(signing The Iron King &The Immortal Rules)

Kristin Cashore
(signing Bitterblue)

Walter Dean Myers
(signing All the Right Stuff)

Patricia McCormick
(signing Never Fall Down)

Diana Peterfreund
(signing For Darkness Shows the Stars)

Bethany Griffin
(signing Masque of the Red Death)

Veronica Roth
(signing Insurgent)

Libba Bray
(signing The Diviners)

Susane Colasanti
(signing Keep Holding On)

 Rachel Cohn
(signing Beta)

So what are MY goals for this particular trip?
1) To not take so much that I can’t fit in the bus seat for the return trip (this happened the first year we went)
2) To not to get so flustered about being in the presence of heroic greatness that I just start spewing fangirl nonsense (this happened with Melissa de la Cruz, Year 3) or completely freeze up as a result of being surrounded by too much awesomeness (this happened when Ally Carter high-fived me, Year 2).
3)  The hell with it… my goal is to pile as much swag and autographed books as I can into whatever free tote bags I can find while managing not to come across as a creeper.


4 thoughts on “Book Expo America = FANGIRL CRAZINESS!

  1. Ashley says:

    I have no goals. I WILL HOARDE.

    Also. I’m suddenly glad I didn’t buy Masque last night at B&N. I didn’t realize she was signing!

    • Katarina Karenina says:

      Awesome! Have you ever been there before? It’s CRAZINESS! If you happen to take any pictures while you’re there and you want to share, send them to our us at afterthelastpageblog(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll post them! HAVE FUN!!

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