2012 Teens’ Top Ten Nominations Announced

The Teens’ Top Ten nominations were announced last week! *flail* The Teens’ Top Ten (or TTT, as it will be known as from this point forward) is like the Teen Choice Awards for young adult books.  A committee of teens from libraries all over the country selected 24 titles to be nominated for the Top 10. Teens can read as many books as possible in the next few months, and then vote for their favorites during August and September. The winners will be announced during Teen Read Week in October.

And the nominees are…..

So fellow YA’ers… if you could vote right this very second, who would you pick for the Teens’ Top Ten?


4 thoughts on “2012 Teens’ Top Ten Nominations Announced

  1. Cheyenne Williams says:

    I’ll have to read all of these, because, so far, I’ve only read 5 of them. Most of them are on my TBR list, though, if that counts for anything. (:

    I love that they have awards like this for the book nerds. ;)

    • Katarina Karenina says:

      Eh, don’t feel bad… I’ve only read 7 of them myself. Two of them I never even heard of! It’s lists like these that make my TBR list get longer and longer. Though I have to admit, as a fellow book nerd, lists like these make me giddy. :)

  2. yawriterinthemaking says:

    I’m a John Green fan, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on The Fault in Our Stars from the library :'( But I will read that book if its the last thing I do! I might read How to Save a Life too if I can get it.

    • Katarina Karenina says:

      OMG you must (repeat: YOU MUST) read it! It’s truly brilliant. I hope you can get it soon! I haven’t read How to Save a Life, but I’ve heard it’s really good. If you get to it before I do, let me know!

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