Second Look: AU REVOIR, CRAZY EUROPEAN CHICK by Joe Schreiber

Prom night is supposed to be epic. Perry’s was certainly memorable, but for a completely different reason…

The Story: Perry is pumped for his band’s very first show in New York City. Unfortunately, his parents are forcing him to take their meek, homely foreign exchange student, Goji, to the senior prom on the same night. The night begins awkwardly enough, as does mostly everyone’s senior prom night. But little does Perry know, Goji is actually an assassin with five marks to take out before sunrise. Madness ensues when Perry is dragged along with her as she tries to take out one victim after the other. Perry never expected the prom night shenanigans would include a high speed chase, an exploding night club, a bear fight, and the reckless endangerment of his father’s  prized Jaguar.

The Low Down: I enjoyed Schreiber’s thrill ride through the streets of New York. Given the plot, it’s surprisingly not very deep or heavily dramatic. The story behind Goji’s intent on killing these five people is justifiable without being completely outlandish. My only complaint is that the writing got a little wordy in places. Apart from that, Schreiber is an entertaining writer, and his entertaining descriptions of all the crazy events of the evening, along with a nicely wrapped (but not completely predictable) ending left me feeling good about Au Revoir.

The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a short, fun, fast paced read that will appeal to reluctant readers, this should be a prime choice.


Related Goodies:
Paramount has acquired film rights to Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, which apparently were won in a heated bidding war with Fox. No further details are available at this time. With the right cast, I personally think a movie of this book would be hella fun.


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