Second Look: TRIANGLES by Ellen Hopkins

The Story: Holly, Andrea and Marissa are three very unhappy women for very different reasons. Holly is tired of her suburban soccer mom life, and knows she craves more when she feels something hot and sexual bubbling inside of her. Andrea is a single parent who shies away from the mere mention of a men and a dating life. Marissa experiences the height of turmoil with her terminally ill daughter, and a physically and emotionally distant husband who refuses to accept their gay teenage son.  What unfolds is the way in which these women’s lives intertwine, and the way they learn together just how temperamental life can be.

The Low Down: Ellen Hopkins’ first adult novel reads a lot like her novels for teens: the prose is incredible, as always, and all her characters are connected in one way or another.  But the subject matter of this one is quite a bit heavier than what she usually writes for her teen readers. All three women find themselves spiraling downward into a world of sex, heartbreak, and confusion. Wow. On second thought maybe it’s not all that different than teen-dom, after all…

The Bottom Line: Erotic and sensual, Hopkins’ beautifully written prose gives great insight into the world of midlife crises, no matter the reason. It is worth noting that this one is definitely for more mature readers, as Triangles is a bit more explicit than her young adult creations, but tastefully so.



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