Second Look: Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon (PBK, 2011)

Title: Carrier of the Mark
Author: Leigh Fallon
Age: Young Adult
Genre: Supernatural, Myth, Modern Day

What’s It About
Megan Rosenberg moves to Kinsale, Ireland with her dad when he’s offered a job as a manager at a marina.  For the first time since her mother died (six years prior), she finally feels at home.  In Ireland, she meets Adam DeRis, an incredibly hot, incredibly mysterious student at her school.  He’s evasive, but constantly staring at her.  As the story progresses, Adam and Meg are drawn to each other and eventually give in to their attraction.

The supernatural/mythological aspect comes in with the DeRis family, and Meg.  Fallon interweaves Irish lore into the tale, focusing on the Celtic equivalent of Mother Earth (Danu) and the four elements, which are “controlled” by the DeRis children and Meg.  There’s a lot of mythology being discussed, which sometimes makes the storyline dense and hard to follow.

Meg must decide if she wants to evoke her element (air) and give up Adam forever.

I liked it.  At first it reminded me a lot of Lauren Kate’s Fallen, which the way Meg was drawn to Adam, but he was pushing her away.  The Celtic myth inclusion is also a nice variation from what is usually out there in YA literature.  It was fun to read something set in Ireland, but the names were a little hard to decipher and Fallon didn’t really give a lot of help in that department.

I would recommend it to any supernatural-romance lover, though.  It was a fun read and I was really caught up in Adam’s and Meg’s story.  The ending is a little chaotic, but it ties together nicely and leaves room for a sequel.

Sequel, you say?
Leigh Fallon, on her page, announced that Carrier 2 (Yet untitled) will be released in early 2013.

Star Rating
7/10 stars.


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