Liam Hemsworth as Daniel Grigori?!

I gotta say, I did NOT see this one coming…

As we all know, I will never rely on for factual details on upcoming movies. Because, you know. They’re always WRONG. But I can consult the ever popular website for rumors to get us all talking!

Seeing the cover reveal for Rapture by Lauren Kate made me realize that I have not checked up on the casting rumors for the Fallen movie in quite some time. And since I apparently am obesessed with this, I decided to look into it. Lucy Hale still seems to be the front runner to play Lucinda Price, but we have a new addition to the cast list! Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth is rumored (only rumored… not confirmed) to play Daniel Grigori, Luce’s love interest from the popular Fallen series.

Since I did not see The Last Song (nor will I ever), I’m not going to judge this potential casting decision until I have more facts (read: until HG comes out and I decide if he was an effective Gale in my eyes… because I’m petty like that). I like his look though, and could totally buy him as the type of fallen angel a young girl would fall for. *wink*

Admittedly, I am firmly Team Cam (I’m a sucker for a badass. I won’t lie.) and I cannot wait to see who will play him.


5 thoughts on “Liam Hemsworth as Daniel Grigori?!

    • Katarina Karenina says:

      None taken! Your opinion counts, too! :) Don’t get me wrong, I like me some Liam Hemsworth. I still think he has the ability to pull off the role, but my personal take on Daniel was a lot darker and kind of broody. You’ve also reminded me that I haven’t checked out the casting rumors in awhile. TO THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE WE GO!

  1. Sami says:

    please please please dont take offence to this people but… seriously? older? how on earth can a seventeen year old be older than Liam Hemsworth? and lets not forget that whoever plays Daniel cant be too old or else itll be a little suspicious that he came to Sword & Cross when he shouldve been age 14 looking like THAT *gesters to the photo kindly provided above*

  2. caoimhe says:

    i suuure hope not that guy is UGLY daniel is meant to be like hollister model fit he is more like a um 40 yr old men model. personally i think ales pettyer should play him or jeremy sumpter

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