Second Look: Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

The story of my life... well, except for the zombie part.

The Story: Kate Grable, honor student and aspiring doctor, has a full plate when she discovers the high school football coach has been injecting his team with an unknown substance. After being attacked and, well, gnawed on by one of the football players, Kate suspects (with good reason) something is amiss. As more and more people start vomiting foul black goo (a early sign of infection), she scrambles to find out why the people around her are rotting from the inside out and have a ravenous hunger for human flesh. Has Coach been infecting his team with…  A ZOMBIE VIRUS? (dun dun DUNNNNNNN!) And, even more importantly, will Aaron ask her to Homecoming?! *bites fingernails in suspense*

The Low Down: Kate Grable is an awesome heroine. As a doctor-in-training, she manages to keep her cool and use her knowledge to try to save her friends and stop a full on zombie apocalypse. Kate is also damn funny, as her mental commentary on the zombie-ish events is hilarious and left me laughing out loud more than a few times. I loved Kate’s friends and was immediately reminded of my own besties from high school. And her crush, Aaron? He gets an 9 out of 10 for swooniness (I took off a point for a couple of corny remarks, but even so. He’s still pretty dreamy).

The Bottom Line: Bad Taste in Boys may be about a zombie virus, but there really is nothing supernatural about it. Carrie Harris’s story is well thought out with logical reasoning for everything, which leads to a very satisfying conclusion. Though I must issue an ICKINESS WARNING: There is A LOT of projectile vomiting. Just throwin’ that out there. Ickiness aside, If you’re looking for a fun zombie book without a lot of heavy drama, this is a good one to grab.



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