I’ve got movie-related goodies! If you’re good, I’ll give you some with your dessert.

IT’S THE WEEKEND! Er, well, at least it finally is for me since I was slaving away at work all day. So now my weekend festivities can begin! As for the rest of you, let me give you some other mid-weekend goodies…

First off, I heard through the grapevine (er, actually, this site) that Lionsgate, the adoptive parents of the Hunger Games movie franchise, has also acquired the rights to the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. Should it ever actually come to fruition, I am DYING to know how they are going to pull this one off. Due to the odd nature of the plot (all the women are dead and men have been infected with a germ that enables everyone to hear everyone else’s thoughts), I would imagine this will be a tough one to produce. All in all, it could actually be a pretty cool movie if done right. And I really want to know who will be doing the “voice” of Manchee, because that dog just cracks me the hell up.

Secondly, I’m excited to report that the extraordinary Marlene King is working on the script for the Mortal Instruments movie. MarKing is the brain behind the Pretty Little Liars series and the screenplays for Now and Then, Just My Luck, and If These Walls Could Talk. Still no word on any other cast members (with the exception, of course, of Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower), but hey. I’ll take all the MI news I can get. We’re one step closer!

And lastly, film rights have been optioned for L.A. Weatherly’s Angel trilogy! I haven’t read it myself yet, but I’m told it’s a good series and would be awesome on the big screen. Of course, we all know that being optioned for film rights doesn’t mean that there will actually be a movie (I think the Looking for Alaska non-movie proves my point). But it’s still exciting to think about! You can read After the Last Page’s review of Angel Burn here (BTW: Angel Burn is the US release of book 1 in the trilogy, which was originally released overseas under the title Angel). 

Not a lot to talk about this time around, but something is better than nothing. Until next time, fellow bloggers! *Batman theme music plays*


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