Second Look: A Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep (PBK, 2011)

A second review, no way!  — What can I say, I’ve had some time to read. :D

I won’t lie – I didn’t have high expectations for getting through A Touch of Frost, but I was proven completely wrong.  This is Jennifer Estep’s first YA novel (she’s an adult writer) and I was a little blown away.  It’s an easy read with some great ideas.  Especially if you like her inspiration, A Clash of Titans.

Gwen Frost is an outcast at Mythos Academy – an ultra posh, ultra private school.  It just happens to be a school for the ancestors of mythological creatures.  Gwen attends class with Valkyries, Vikings, Amazons, and even a few Spartans.  Gwen doesn’t have the money the other students have.  She also doesn’t have the same powers they have.  In fact, Gwen is often called “a nobody” – even though she’s a Gypsy.  She’s rare in a breed that not much is known about.  And she doesn’t particularly believe in anything her myth-history class tells her, like about the Chaos War.

The first book of the Mythos Academy series focuses on introducing Gwen and some of the “main” players of the series.  Like, Logan Quinn: man-whore (he signs his name to every girl’s mattress he sleeps with), Spartan (he’s really scary) and Daphne: A Valkyrie Princess who happens to have a total crush on a band geek.  The first book of the series also introduces some of the bad guys, like Loki, who’s trying to be freed from his immortal prison and the Reapers (the bad guys that work for Loki).  When Gwen faces a Reaper face-to-face, she finds out more about herself and her family than she ever imagined.

What I like was the hate-love-hate relationship Gwen has with the two other major characters, Logan and Daphne.  Logan is the ultimate bad-boy.  Think a young Leonides in 300.  And just as sexy.  Their witty retorts are just another way to flirt.

I also like the unique mix of gods and goddesses into the story.  There’s not a focus on one pantheon, instead all “religions” are mixed together in this novel, which is pretty cool.  There’s a lot left open at the end of the novel, in regards to Gwen finding out more about herself.  And of course the ongoing love-hate relationship with a Spartan.  I’m intrigued for book two, Kiss of Frost.

A definite read for anyone who likes mythology with their YA fiction.

Official Rating: 7.5/10


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