Twitter Tuesday: For your tweeting pleasure.

Social networking at its finest. For whatever reason, these tweets from the past week really made me chuckle (don’t ask why) and I just had to share:

@maureenjohnson: “I’ve decided to adopt a humunculus”

@AS_King: One day, Han Solo will come back in time for me. When that happens, it will look as if I have died, but know I am in a better place.

@joshberkbooks: “If *I* had a Great Dane, and it was a female, I would name her “Dane Judi Dench” and insist everyone always call her by her full name.”

@melissa_marr: Church Sign: “Come see our clowns. Everyone welcome to worship.” *pauses* Is there a new religion no one told me abt? Clown worship=scary.

@JoKnowles: My mother is becoming more and more active on Facebook.  #thisconcernsmegreatly


I learned via Twitter (of course, because that’s where I get all my information) that some awesome authors have some bangin’ contests going on…

Lauren DeStefano is giving away 12 autographed Fever dust jackets (not books), which are equally as cool because there are only, like 12 OF THEM IN EXISTENCE. So they are incredibly unique. Check out her blog for details. And prettiness.


A.S. King is forming a posse and she needs a cohort! She has a brief application you need to fill out and you’ll be subjected to excruciatingly hard questions (such as what your posse nickname and motto would be). AND she’s giving away an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Everybody Sees the Ants to the winner! You can check out her blog for full deets.


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