Hook a sister up…

Does anyone else remember those first few chapters in The Stand when everyone had a raging flu (before it became recognized as the Captain Tripps superflu) and was coughing up disgusting amounts of goo into handkerchiefs? Well, that has pretty much been me the last couple days. And, like all the main characters (the ones who didn’t die) can attest to, summer colds are, in fact, THE WORST.

You’d think with all this time I’ve been spending in bed, I’d be able to get some reading done. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and I appear to be in a reading slump (I know, I know… BLASPHEMY!) Fortunately, Maureen Johnson’s twitter feed has kept me going with bursts of laugher, unfortunately followed by bursts of violent coughing.

So, now that I’m on the road to recovery, anyone want to help me decide what to read (and ultimately review) next?


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