Julena? Selustin? Justelena??

As per PopEater.com:

It’s official, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in love. At least according to an eyewitness who reportedly saw the teen lovers dropping the big “L” bomb on each other repeatedly during a shopping spree in New York City Tuesday evening.

My first thought? Dear God, I hope that doesn’t mean he’s being considered to play Clay in 13 Reasons Why.  Oh, the horror……


One thought on “Julena? Selustin? Justelena??

  1. Dasiy Gibson says:

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are really cute together and I think people should leave them alone Im a belieber and i was in love with Justin Bieber (still am) but i think people should just leave them alone its none of their busness and if people dodnt like to see them kiss then maybe they just shouldnt look and yah i was a little jealous at first but that doesnt make me hate her and thos of you who do just shouldnt pay attention to them then everybody thinks they should breakup but my two favorite famous people like ever are together so those of you who dont like it just dont pay attention I love Selena Gomez (no homo) and Justin Bieber if u dont like them dont be a hater just turn your head and leave them alone how would you feel if u were Justin or Selena and people were teling you not to be together or hating on you i dont think you would like it they have feelings just like u do so leave them alone and thank you thos of u who are standing up for dem to like me I LOVE JUSTIN AND SELENA wud luv 2 met Dem

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