Second Look: Angel Burn (L.A. Weatherly)

Title: Angel Burn
Series: Angel Trilogy #1
Author: L.A. Weatherly
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age: Young Adult (Grades from 8 up)

Plot In Her Words (As Not to Give Away Spoilers of Importance)
Willow is known as “Queen Weird” to everyone in her small Pawtucket high school.  Wearing clothes from vintage stores that aren’t fashion trends and being a psychic will get you that label.  The story opens with Willow giving a reading to the Most Popular Girl in school – Beth.  This introduces the plot of the story:  Angels have come to Earth and are sucking the life-force from humans in order to stay alive.  Beth has become a believer in the Angels.  (When you “see” an Angel, you think it’s the most beautiful, wonderful thing ever.)  When Willow tries to convince Beth not to take the bath that will lead to her death (ultimately),  she meets Alex – an Angel Killer.  He has been sent to find and kill Willow.

Alex and Willow embark on a road trip cross country to find out exactly why she’s a threat to the angels.  This is where most of the action comes in to play.  And the romance.

Character Comments
Willow’s adorable.  It’s hard not to like her as one of the 2 protagonists of the story.  She is constantly at war with herself over her feelings – about Alex and about who she is now that she knows she’s half-Angel.  Alex, the male protagonist, is pretty fun, too.  Weatherly gives a lot of angst through Alex’s background, which made me feel for him as a character.  I won’t say more because I don’t want to give anything away!  Beth is the typical catalyst.  As a reader, I just wanted to shake her.  But it really is her who precipitates most of the action in the story.     Raziel is your typical bad-guy Angel who thirsts for power.  There are several other characters introduced, but they might give away major plot points. :)

The Opinion
I really , really liked this book.  I will (a) recommend it to others and (b) pick up the second book in the trilogy which comes out in September (I think).  It’s a unique look at the paranormal storyline with Angels being “bad guys.”  Also, what really sucked me in was the romance storyline between Willow & Alex.  Throughout about half the book, they both start agonizing over their feelings for each other.  Alex refuses to admit he likes her because she represents everything he hates (angels); Willow fights her feelings because she thinks Alex hates her.  There are several points about 2/3 way through that you are like JUST KISS ALREADY, but they don’t.  It’s such a natural progression.  However, once they do get together, it’s a little too deeply passionate for me.  (There’s no sex, btw.  It’s all just kissing.)

I really enjoyed the end that will bridge to book 2, as well.

Official Rating: 8/10


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