Second Look: Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

Her dad jumped, but how far will SHE fall?

Eddie Reeves’ is broken. Her father, famous photographer Seth Reeves, has committed suicide for seemingly no reason. She has nothing left except her devastated mother, a tense relationship with her best friend Milo, and thousands of questions about her dad’s death. But the biggest question of all is WHY? Eddie has to know. Every night she sneaks out to the warehouse where he jumped to his death to try to find answers. Then she meets Culler Evans, her father’s photography student, who is just as destroyed about the suicide as she is. With the remnants of her father’s belongings, Culler and Eddie try to piece together  the last few weeks of Papa Reeves’ life and manage to learn a lot about themselves, and each other, along the way.

Despite all her well-deserved drama, Eddie is a pretty cool chick. She’s grief stricken, lost, and unsure of herself, but Eddie is the type of girl that I probably would like to hang with. It may be a symptom of her grief, but she doesn’t hold her feelings back. Except around Beth. Oh, Beth. I wish there were words to express how much I hate you. Sure, you’re Mrs. Reeves’ best friend and I get that you miss Mr. Reeves too.  I know you mean well, but OH MY GOD. FYI: Light, new age music isn’t going to make a big difference after trauma like that. And then there’s Milo. Who I want to hug. And cuddle. And share a milkshake “Lady and the Tramp” style with. Culler isn’t a bad guy, and I respect him for wanting to help Eddie through her loss. But there’s just something about him that makes him seem shady throughout the story. Maybe it was the age difference between him and Eddie. They embark on a slightly unrealistic, but satisfying, adventure together which reveals Culler’s true self.


  • Being torn between an older, handsome stranger and the best friend you’ve known since you were 7. We like to call this a LOVE TRIANGLE.
  • A true, honest-to-God glimpse at true grief, being broadcast to you directly from the inside of Eddie’s head.
  • I wanted to hit up Wawa for a cherry slushie every time Eddie visited the gas station/mini mart where Milo works

This is not in any way a fun and lighthearted book. That doesn’t make it any less incredible. I was impressed by Eddie’s conflicting emotions, which are brutal, real, and very raw, which I think is a compliment to Courtney Summers’ writing. Fall for Anything is an accurate story of what the human mind goes through after a tough loss. I loved the relationship between Eddie and Milo, even though it was sketchy at times. Milo cares for Eddie, and I love that he yells at her and doesn’t do things her way. He’s not a jerk… he just wants to protect her. Despite its ups and downs, their friendship is awesome and I was rather jealous of it. In stories like this, I ALWAYS root for the BFF, whether it’s likely to happen or not. I was incredibly frustrated with Beth’s treatment of the Reeves’ family, and I really wish someone would have unleashed the wrath of hell on her. All in all, I liked it. It’s deep, rough, and intense. But really, REALLY good.


PS: After reading all these books filled with nothing but llama drama, I think I have to read something a bit more uplifting before my heart explodes.


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