Hunger Games set photos!

If you’re like me, you’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time wondering what the Hunger Games movie will be like. What will their clothes look like? How will they recreate Panem? Will the Reaping be as powerful in the movie as it was in the book? How will whats-his-face* be a reliable Peeta and how will that other whats-his-face** ever make a convincing Gale? And, most importantly, will Lenny Kravitz do justice to Cinna’s character?!

Annnnnd we now know that there will be four movies, even though there are three books (math wasn’t my strongest subject, but even I can figure out that that does not compute). Clearly, this is just more madness from the studio to suck our hard earned money right out of our wallets a clever way to draw out the tension and drama of the story. But it begs the question, where and how will they split them up?

Until then we’ll just have to stalk the internet for some behind the scenes pictures from the set. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s been going on so far. Is it everything we hoped it would be?

I'm dying to know how she will hunt little woodland creatures in that dress.

Effie! Oh, Effie... Despite its awesomeness, your hair makes me weep for poodles everywhere.

To our little Prim: without you, there would not have been a series.

Not a place I would want to be dragged to.

District 12... Where revolutions are born.

I know it would strike fear into MY heart...

Is it me, or does it look like SWAT just raided a polygamist compound?

Do I have issues with some of the casting? Yes. Do I have confidence that Hollywood can work some Houdini style magic and whip these actors into shape? Yea, I kinda do. Do I still plan on being at the theater with my advanced ticket at midnight on March 23, 2012? MOST DEFINITELY.

If you squint hard, he could be Peeta...

*Josh Hutcherson a.k.a Peeta

You will NEVER be Gale!

**Liam Hemsworth a.k.a. Gale


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