Guest Post: Morgan Lee’s Favorite Things

We’re so excited to have Morgan Lee as a guest blogger on After the Last Page!  The blog tour for her new book, The Naked Tree, starts today and we’re one of her stops!

About The Naked Tree:

untitledColette has lived the last seventeen years of her life being hidden away, also choosing to hide herself. Colette is a part of a class of people who are even lower than the animals they herd. They are Vaporless. Defects in a perfect world. And Colette was the worse one of them. After the vicious leaders, Eviya, Levi and Adamek of the Triunity put out a bounty for the blood of the Vaporless no one is safe. Disaster has struck. The Tree of Knowl is failing and the once beautiful Vapors are now killing their hosts. A solution must be found and that solution is to sacrifice the Vaporless to the Tree in an effort to appease it so that it will reverse the curse it placed.

Now on the run, Colette meets Rowan and Holden leaders of a well known rebellion group who call themselves R.H.I.S.K. With the help of Rowan, Holden, Anastasia, Kofi, and Kimaya, Colette hatches a plan to discover a way to save themselves and the Vaporless from destruction. When the group enters into the Province Ilan they find themselves the knights of an ancient war. A risky mission over the Edge. A mysterious device called the Eloi. And a war that will shake the very foundation that they have known.

And the story all starts with a single naked tree.

Jump below the cut for Morgan’s Top 5 Lists!

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Blog Tour: Jennifer Murgia’s Hedge Witch Series


We are so glad to be a stop on Jennifer Murgia’s blog tour!  Today, she’s sharing with us her Top 10 Creepy YA Reads:

Jennifer’s Top Ten Creepy YA Books

  1. AMITY – Micol Ostow
  2. DIVINERS – Libba Bray
  3. LAIR OF DREAMS – Libba Bray
  4. THE FALL – Bethany Griffin
  5. THE CREEPING – Alexandra Sirowy
  6. LONG LANKIN – Lindsey Barraclough
  7. THIS IS NOT A TEST – Courtney Summers
  8. THE WOMEN IN THE WALLS – Amy Lukavics
  9. DIARY OF A HAUNTING – M. Verano
  10. MARY: THE SUMMONING – Hillary Monahan

Jennifer really gets us!  We love all of the titles she’s suggested.  We’ll definitely be digging into a few of them over the next week to get ready for Halloween!

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Cover Reveal! Linda Bloodworth’s A Raven’s Touch

It’s here! Today is the day! Without further adieu, feast your eyes on the newly updated cover for A Raven’s Touch.

A Raven's Touch by Linda Bloodworth

The cover was created by Amanda Walker. Feel free to
ask her questions about her pre-made covers. Linda says she is fantastic to work with, honest, and super friendly. She also offers PA services, so do check her out.


Bullied through high school, seventeen-year-old Justice St. Michaels is grateful for the help of her best friend Moira O’Fhey. Together they’re just managing to scrape through the nightmare they call high school. Between Justice’s bizarre body changes and being involved in explosive school fights, things are going from bad to worse. Darien Raventhorn arrives on the scene only to add fuel to an already burning question—has Justice been living a lie her whole life? Thrust into an unwanted revenge mission Justice must avenge a family death, embrace her birthright, and slay a demon before all Hell breaks loose.


Linda Bloodworth loves chips, like really, ketchup to be exact. Ketchup chips are only found in Canada. Lucky for Linda she lives in Toronto with her husband and three fur babies. In between writing, debating for hours about the Oxford comma, and the misunderstood semi colon, Linda enjoys camping and getting away from the city on day trips.

Here’s the only picture that Linda will allow:


How do I get my hands on this book!?

Right here >>> https://books.pronoun.com/a-ravens-touch/




1. Post a screen shot of your confirmation order for A Raven’s Touch in the comment

section on Linda’s BLOG: https://lindabloodworth.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/cover-reveal-a-

It doesn’t matter when you’ve purchased the book now or before.

2. Subscribe to her newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bLecmr. PLEASE MAKE SURE SHE CAN
IDENTIFY YOU. Your screen shot + sign up name should be the same. You MUST

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A $3 Amazon Gift Card!


Linda will randomly pick the winner Oct. 23 @ 10 AM ET.

Thank you so much everyone! Linda can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Please leave a review on Amazon or any other retailer. Your review is INCREDIBLY important and helps Linda out as an author. Let the contest begin!

unnatural deeds

Second Look: UNNATURAL DEEDS by Cyn Balog (Pre-Relase)

I love Cyn Balog.  I do.  She’s funny and talented and a good person.  Heck, if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have YA Fest!

So when I saw that her newest book, Unnatural Deeds, was on Net Galley (way back in June), I jumped for the chance to read it early.*


* This post was actually written way back in June

unnatural deeds

November 1, 2016

Cyn Balog’s Unnatural Deeds
Sourcefire Books, 2016

What It’s About:

Vic is an outcast.  A “new kid” at St. Ann’s high school, she prefers to keep to herself.  She blames the anxiety that becomes overwhelming.  But when a new student comes gliding into the school — Z — Vic wants nothing more than to be noticed, especially by him.  And boy, does Z notice her.

Z strikes up a friendship with Vic, which she almost begins to obsess over.  (Opinion: That’s natural, since Vic has been so alone for so long.)  As Vic and Z bond, Vic’s relationship with her boyfriend and next-door-neighbor, Andrew, suffers.  She pulls away from Andrew, wanting more than what he can give her.  (You see, Andrew can’t leave the house due to stifling agoraphobia.)

Vic starts to blossom under Z’s friendship.  She begins to exercise and even auditions for the school play, Macbeth, where she stars as Lady Macbeth.  But, it’s not all is happily-ever-after.  You see, there was a murder in the small town of Duchess, Maine.  And the novel opens with Vic laying in a ditch on the side of the broken, broken and bruised.  Vic is voice-recording a story to Andrew, apologizing for what she’s done to him.

Balog starts each chapter with a newspaper clip, an interview with one of the minor characters and a police officer, and text messages.  But Balog doesn’t give the reader any hint of what really happens through these snippets, which leaves the reader with a major twist ending!  (No spoilers here…but maybe after the cut.)


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Second Look: THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR by Katherine McGee

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if all the streets, skyscrapers, monuments, and parks in NYC were stacked on top of each other instead of sprawled out across the island of Manhattan? It would probably be, like, a thousand stories high.

That’s exactly the setting Katharine McGee has created. And it’s ridiculously amazing.

It’s the year 2118, and the Tower dominates the skyline. The Tower is 1,000 stories high and contains homes, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, arenas, churches, playgrounds, aquariums… you name it, it’s there. Your status is dictated by the floor on which you live and the higher up you go, the more you have to lose.

The story is told from the alternating perspectives of five main characters: Leda, Eris, Watt, Rylin, and Avery.

Leda has a prescription drug problem and is hiding a recent stint in rehab from everyone, including best friend Avery. She also has a secret crush that, if revealed, could tear their friendship apart.

Eris is a highlier (a term used for the wealthy who live on the upper floors) whose life is shattered when her family falls apart, costing her the status and lifestyle to which she is so accustomed.

Watt is a computer genius who is hiding a very brilliant, but very illegal device, somewhere no one would think to look. He has insight into everything and everyone in The Tower, which puts him in a very tough position when he’s hired as a spy for a highlier.

Rylin lives in poverty near the lowest floors, and struggles to keep her and her sister afloat after the death of her parents. But when rich and handsome Cord Anderton hires her to be his maid, she may find a way to leave her old life behind.

Avery lives at the literal top of the world on the 1,000th floor. Her parents genetically designed her to be flawless, and she lives the lavish, perfect life her parents dreamed for her. She never wants for anything, except the one secret thing she can never have. If that secret ever gets out, it will no doubt destroy her.


Oh, yes. It can. The prologue kicks the story off with an unnamed girl plummeting from the 1,000th floor of the Tower. It takes her three full minutes to fall the two miles to her death… the first time anyone has fallen from the Tower in its 20+ year history. The story then goes back two months and chronicles the events that led up to her death. It’s mysterious, intriguing, and the uncertainty of who is or isn’t going to survive is always lingering in the back of readers’ minds.

One of the things I really loved was the futuristic technology McGee created. Do these teens have social media and texting/instant communication? Of course! Do they use phones, computers, and tablets to do it? Only if you’re the poorest of the poor. The rich kids have CONTACTS. That’s right. A legit gadget to monitor social media feeds and call/email your friends that you operate by TWITCHING YOUR EYE.

Dude, seriously. I can’t even pull myself away from my phone. If I had texting and social media in my eyeballs, there’d be no end to my madness.

This is very much a Gossip Girl-esque novel, as it is primarily about the exploits of uber-rich teenagers. So if you’re a fan of those types of antics, this novel is definitely for you. McGee’s writing is great, and the story is well paced and steadily keeps moving.

I was a huge fan of this one and I was very excited to see that a sequel is in the works. It doesn’t have a true cliffhanger ending (i.e. you’re not left thinking, “OMG WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!”) It’s a solid ending and the mysterious death we see in the prologue is fully explained, but the story absolutely will continue. I thoroughly enjoyed The Thousandth Floor and am eagerly awaiting the next one.


*One thing I have to mention . I’ve read a handful of other reviews on The Thousandth Floor and many of them describe this novel as dystopian. I feel this novel is NOT a dystopia. A dystopian story features a government or other ruling body that asserts a seemingly perfect society by oppressing its people (think the Capitol and Panem in The Hunger Games).

This book doesn’t feature a corrupt ruling body or government. There is no oppression or illusion of a perfect society. There is no rebellion when one of the main characters discovers how shady everything is. IMHO, The Thousandth Floor could best be described somewhat as light science fiction about teens living in a futuristic setting in which class systems are still the norm.

And with that, I’ll get off my soap box. And, with my luck, I’ll probably trip over my own feet on my way down.